Anton Schneider: Rolling Pin Cuckoo Clock

Anton Schneider: Rolling Pin Cuckoo Clock

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This Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Was carved from the finest wood in the Black Forest region of Germany. The exterior of this clock is completely wooden, with a wooden dial, wooden hands, wooden house, and a wooden cuckoo bird.

This clock is one of our 30-hour clocks, meaning this clocks weights will need to be pulled up every 30 hours. The cuckoo bird in this clock comes out to "cuckoo" the hour, every hour and once every half-hour. The melodies produced by this clock come from a 22 note Swiss-made mechanical musical movement. Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer are the two songs that play every hour and half-hour hour in a rotation.

Captured in this chalet scene, two men sit at a table moving their beers up and down while a woman shakes her rolling pin at them, also The dancers on the balcony twirl  and the water mill turns. This all happens while a beautiful melody plays.

Made in the Black Forest, Germany 

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